Vivianna Mulino & Levi Cash in Vivianna Mulino in – MyPervyFamily

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Why do you have my phone?! Are you cheating on Greg??What?! Of course not, you’re so annoying..Don’t lie to me step-sis… I saw pictures of you and some random guy on your phone!Omg you weren’t supposed to see that! Give me my phone back!Please don’t tell him! This is none of your business!Well, what are you going to do for me?My step-sister likes being a little slut – fucking around with some random guy that’s not her boyfriend! Problem is, she is cheating on my best friend with some random dude and I’m the one who hooked her and Greg up. I want to expose her to Greg and even tell my step mom that her ‘sweet little girl’ has been having sex! But she thinks that just doing my chores will make up for her promiscuous behavior, little does she know what I really want is for her to be a whore for me just like she was with that other guy…Watch as I grab my step-sis by the throat and push her up against the wall. You can tell by her eyes that I caught her off guard, and she felt my strength. Now that I’ve got her attention, and trapped her into a corner… I start to grope and grab her in places that I’ve been wanting to touch. I verbally call her a slut as I start to undress her and expose her private parts. I feel she is being turned on by how aggressive I’m being so I shove my hand down her underwear and slip a finger deep inside her, which her cunt is soaking wet at this point! This gives me the green light, so I throw her on the bed, tell her to spread her legs…. and I pump my rock hard throbbing cock deep inside my step-sister’s slutty vagina till I explode my hot salty load all over her.There is now no need to tell anyone about how slutty my step-sis is being, as long as she keeps letting me treat her like a slut. Her secret is safe with me!


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